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Business Name: UB PTE LTD

Date:26 April 2021


Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN):

Universal Product Code

UPC / GTIN-12:USA & Canada

European Article Number

EAN / GTIN-13:Europe, Asia, etc.
EAN UPC Business Name Product Name
0634240033377 634240033377 UB PTE LTD UBCBD 2250mg HEAL - Multipurpose Essential Oil 30ml
0634240033384 634240033384 UB PTE LTD UBCBD 2000mg IMMUNITY - Multipurpose Essential Oil 30ml
0634240033391 634240033391 UB PTE LTD UBCBD 1500mg SLIM - Multipurpose Essential Oil 30ml
0634240033407 634240033407 UB PTE LTD UBCBD 1500mg YOUNG - Multipurpose Essential Oil 30ml
0634240033414 634240033414 UB PTE LTD UBCBD 1000mg PURIFY - Multipurpose Essential Oil 30ml
0634240033421 634240033421 UB PTE LTD UBCBD 750mg RELAX - Multipurpose Essential Oil 30ml
0634240033438 634240033438 UB PTE LTD UBCBD Multipurpose Essential Oil - Limited Edition Box Set 5ml*6
0634240033445 634240033445 UB PTE LTD
0634240033452 634240033452 UB PTE LTD
0634240033469 634240033469 UB PTE LTD