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Business Name: Hemp Co Australia

Country: Australia Flag Australia
Date:06 September 2022


Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN):

Universal Product Code

UPC / GTIN-12:USA & Canada

European Article Number

EAN / GTIN-13:Europe, Asia, etc.
EAN UPC Business Name Product Name
0634240135095 634240135095 Hemp Co Australia Daily Moisturiser 50g
0634240135101 634240135101 Hemp Co Australia Avocado & Hemp Clay Mask 60g
0634240135118 634240135118 Hemp Co Australia Eye Elixir 30g
0634240135125 634240135125 Hemp Co Australia Peppermint & Hemp Cleanser 100g
0634240135132 634240135132 Hemp Co Australia Beard Oil - Citrus
0634240135149 634240135149 Hemp Co Australia Beard Oil - Espresso
0634240135156 634240135156 Hemp Co Australia Beard Oil - Wood
0634240135163 634240135163 Hemp Co Australia Beard Butter - Citrus
0634240135170 634240135170 Hemp Co Australia Calming Cream 50g
0634240135187 634240135187 Hemp Co Australia Avocado Mask 100g
0634240135194 634240135194 Hemp Co Australia Full face pack
0634240135200 634240135200 Hemp Co Australia Daily Moisturiser 100g
0634240135217 634240135217 Hemp Co Australia Conditioning Lip Balm
0634240135224 634240135224 Hemp Co Australia Relaxing Bath Salts
0634240135231 634240135231 Hemp Co Australia Hemp Face washers